“ABC Talk With Me”-
New learning experience:
from digital to tangible
We are combining digital and physical worlds into an even better and richer learning experience.


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“ABC talk with me”-
Social Educational Project
An Early Start on Language Learning Can Help Unite Children all over the World!


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“ABC Talk With Me”-
Digital Support
for Children with Autism
It Is State-of-the-art Level of Education of Children With Special Needs.


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Our missions

From digital to tangible

A new mobile app, developed by a team of programmers, uses augmented reality technology to help parents fight the battle against gadget-addiction  and refocus their children’s attention on interacting with a classic physical toy. The task was to make physical toys, just regular ABC blocks, fun, entertaining and educational for a new generation of post-millennial technokids.

Social educational project

Our mission is to lay the foundation of literacy from very childhood so that children would be able to rise of living standards, to get brilliant education and respectable job in future.  We have created a new mobile app, developed by two young fathers. The app uses augmented reality technology and has already won positive references from experts in science of language, teachers, parents. ABC, Talk with Me! is a great impulse in learning languages.

Digital support for children with autism

The new program ABC, Talk with Me! – is state-of-the-art level of education of children with special needs. Its main element and integral component is augmented reality, which has a direct impact on the imagination. The program also improves one’s memory and attention, as well as motor nerves and language skills (reading, perception of pronounced words and speaking) through the study of foreign languages.


  • Tamara Koshmal
    Tamara KoshmalTeacher and mother

    «I`m eager to test the new learning technique that brings your kid back to the real world. There is nothing as good for a kid as real toys and I am amazed at this smart combination of virtual and digital learning features .»

    • Mike Given
      Mike GivenTeacher

      “When your kid touches ABC Blocks, they come to life. They talk to the kid and check his or her results. Meanwhile the IPAD acts as a kid’s assistant and friend, who helps to enjoy a tangible toy, instead of substituting it by a digital image.”

      • Nadiya Yevtukh
        Nadiya YevtukhTEACHER AND MOTHER

        “You may hold IPAD in your hands. The most hard play mode is when your kid does everything on his or her own: finds the right letters, puts them together to make a word and aims the IPAD camera at the result. This improves the kid’s motorics, and attracts kids as a cool and interesting game.”

        How it works

        Test game

        I learn letters

        I learn words

        How to Play

        01 / parent keeps a tablet or a smartphone in his or her hands

        If your kid is too small,  you can put your phone or tablet on the stand. The child will plays with blocks , even without seeing the screen. This eliminates the problem that bothers all parents — to limit the time a child’s play with electronic devices up to 15 minutes a day. Because, in fact, a child simply receives voice prompts of the electronic tutor.

        02 / A tablet stands on its holder, while the kid with a block in his or her  hand stands nearby.

        Another option is to place the tablet or smartphone on its holder, while the kid selects blocks one by one, puts them on the interactive table and listens to the response. Our experience shows us that such type of the game where a kid aims camera on the blocks on his/her own is very lucrative.

        03 / A kid holds a tablet or a smartphone in his/her hands.

        More advanced young learners can try to direct camera of the phone or tablet at the blocks on their own, which is not so easy for children: in order to grasp the prize — the image on the screen, it is not enough to have a good grasp on the device, but also to direct it in the right direction. A child does his/her best making efforts to learn letters and make words.

        And this is not only training of the mind, but also improvement of motoric skills, complex processes. And for the young eyes it is healthy to fix them alternately at the screen and at the blocks. Several different educational games with alphabetic blocks are already available. The first one is “learn a new letter” A child and/or his/her parent directs cell phone or tablet camera at a particular block – and see it through the magical prism. As soon as a block with the letter appears on the screen, the child immediately hears a voice telling him/her how to pronounce this letter, and the screen displays a funny character that is well-known to a child an whose first letter is on the block. Other games are for the more experienced connoisseurs of letters: “find a letter” or “put blocks together to form a certain word” If a child manages to fullfil the task – a funny creature on the screen greeets him/her.

        Our Story

        We passed long way of experiments. We left no stones unturned. We tested different games and ideas in the USA, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, inside our families, relatives and those who share our views. And now we ask you to help us to build the story. With your assistance we will be able to complete a useful product to learn ABC. You can give us a chance to follow-up our work. And you will build your family story of new experience bringing your child back to the Real World!


        «ABC, talk with me!» blocks


        Our idea is to promote “ABC, Talk with me!” as a tool that will help kids to learn alphabet and languages, as well as to enjoy this together with their parents regardless of their financial standing and buying possibilities. A lot of parents are willing to help their kids to learn languages, but can hardly afford too expensive educational toys. For this reason we made a free release of its PDF version that everyone can print out and enjoy for free.

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